Our Beliefs



We believe in the Trinity. We see the Bible as the infallible Word of God. Our congregation teaches that all have sinned and are born with the need of salvation which Christ provided by his death on the cross. We believe that Jesus Christ was both fully human and fully divine and that only through the sacrifice He made for us in His death and resurrection is there forgiveness of sin and reconciliation with God. We believe and teach that the Holy Spirit sees the conflicts of sin for humans and moves unbelievers to Christ and believers to proper Christian service.

Mission giving is extremely important. Our church supports mission and betterment projects in the community and through local and national “Christ Preaching“ organizations. Church members are involved in many social improvement and gospel-spreading organizations. Our mission is to serve all ages through worship, Bible study, Sunday school, TV broadcast of the morning service, support for the Presbyterian camp at Okoboji, and youth projects throughout our community.

Baptism is taken seriously in our congregation. Both the parents and our church members are pledging to train up the infant for the kingdom of God and salvation through Christ's blood on the cross. Confirmation is used to bring the child to a saving knowledge of Christ. This is acknowledged by the confirmation service and public profession of “Christ as Savior and Lord” of their life.

Finally, we see ourselves as a church with a duty to meet the needs of others. We are a church that hurts with those who hurt, provides for those in need, and offers fellowship for the forgotten and lonely. Our members provide money, supplies, service, and daily prayers to help meet those needs.

We are a church beneath the Cross of Jesus -- TEACHING, SERVING AND PRAYING.